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Originally Posted by FoodSvcDisruptor
Can sales reps and managers suggest ideas for a successful account penetration promo? Is it best to give incentives to the rep or customer? Thanks

I liked incentives for both the rep and his/her DSM based on lines per drop. Starting point is the current level of penetration on each account. Incentive paid monthly for reps based on incremental increase in their accounts. For DSMs, paid quarterly, based on overall improvement in lines per drop. I've seen "side" incentives for drivers, too. They are in the customers back rooms regularly. The rep works with "their" drivers - tells them what products the customer is known to buy, but the rep doesn't have......the drivers check on those, turn in an "alert" slip under an incentive program for them, which is passed to the rep as further assistance to focus on those particular products. Drivers are important source of info to sales reps........they often don't get the recognition/appreciation they deserve. 

I've also used lines per drop incentives that rewarded sales reps with nice trips, etc. but those were conducted over a long 6 months or more. 

I found that several different incentive approaches, sometimes concurrently, over time, worked the best. A "kicker" on the pay check is always nice, but the "icing" would come from other rewards. (Trips, points to exchange for prizes, etc.) 

I've been retired for 10 years now, so not even sure the new "central control" approach even favors localized incentives, so my input may be "dinosaurish" now!!


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The drivers are the reps when the sales rep is out knockin down other doors. Just a thought, build relationships w/the drivers (senior/high performing) and bring them into the mix w/the new prospective customer. Introduce them to the driver(s) in that area and the proven results of that driver.
Price of product is only part of what the prospect is buying.
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