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Aging equities

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Just curious about Cheney. I am think of looking for a change and these guys have moved into the area and are on my radar. They seem to be doing a decent job as far as being new to the area. I hear good things so I just am curious if they are true or just biased points of view.  I am not looking for bashing comments just looking for insight as to the following.

1. Work environment  
2. Pay
3. Product availability
4. Management (positive and negatives).
5. Any obstacles to over come 

I have 15 years of experience and the corporate machine is just getting to big. All I hear is "look for a family owned company", so this one has me interested. I haven't inquired with them yet but before I do I want to have a clear understanding, good or bad.


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From what I’ve read on this sight, they seem to be a great company to move to. But I also feel that every company is opco or warehouse specific in its strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately they aren’t in my area otherwise I would absolutely entertain their management team. I have sat down with every other major and mid major player in my area but none compare to my current situation.

The non compete is a beast and as much as I think every one of my customers would move over with me once it was over, realistically 50% would be huge and give me the confidence to do so.

Your call bro, but positive outlooks are the key
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