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Originally Posted by Eyes Wide Open
Slings cabbage--I feel for you! & all the folks that have worked hard for 15-20-25 years selling food only to have the industry change so drastically and so quickly.  Daily I weigh the devil I know against the pros & cons of making a change to doing something else. What's your reason for staying?

Well i was moved at start of fiscal to a different district with a much better manager, so they bought some time for me to stay around.  Just had a meeting with SOFO in Atlanta and they sounded interesting.  Family owned company vs. corporate giant?  I'm thinking hard of making a move after 10 years.  

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Sling, I started my career with a family-owned independent. We were bought by a larger company, but there was still that family feel. Lots of long-term sales reps. Some of whom were second generation.

Flash forward to 1997. We were bought by US Foods. Corporate BS starts to come in. First, they changed many long-time suppliers to that crap USF was selling at the time. Then, centralized purchasing saddled us with 1,000s of cases we didn't want or need.

USF, in its current incarnation, has become a micromanaged circus. Individual initiative is not as important as toeing the party line. "Sell what we want you to sell, the way we want you to sell it."

With the change in the pay plan, TMs have gone from commissioned reps to basically salaried employees. Everyone at my old division is unhappy. Sales and cases are down, trucks are late, and customers are unhappy.

I would definitely be looking at the stronger independents in your market. Better prices, less bureaucracy, more freedom to sell how you want and deliveries made on time.
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