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Would anyone else agree that right now is the perfect time for these companies to finally do away with mediocre lazy salesmen? You know that one person who always was able to get away with doing nothing? The person getting paid way to much cause they inherited all the profitable accounts when someone would quit; or got all the good leads from their DSM? The salesman who never had to hunt for new business cause they were giving a customer who kept opening up a new location every other quarter.

We’re in a critical time in foodservice, I believe these companies will take full advantage of the opportunity to separate the real from the fake. Going forward there’s no doubt every company will invest even more money into their e-commerce platforms. USF started that journey years ago with Sysco recently following in their foot steps. Time to separate the men from boys!

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I think the goal of the Big Boys always was to get as many customers as possible to order online, and trim the salesforce to a bare minimum. Hourly customer service people are cost less than salespeople.

Companies can do away with costly district and monthly sales meetings, sales expenses (gas, supplies, phone), and put that money in their pockets.

the only reps on the street will be broker and vendor reps showing product. They won't care who the customers order from as long as they can show their principals that they're moving product.

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Dreamer81 - There are several DSMs that I know who fall into this category. They are totally ineffective, don't support their people etc. Also some of the over paid business developers and other unnecessary support staff who do nothing but send emails out to inform sales reps what they ought to be doing. These are the people that need to go, not good sales reps that are producing actual profits and bringing true value to the company. You can measure a sale reps performance by their numbers, some of these other folks have no discernible metrics on how well they are performing, and they absolutely need closer scrutiny. I also cringe at sales reps that have been given every account they have, and for some reason were chosen to be propped up by management, especially when they're completely arrogant and act like sales rockstars. I try to let these annoying people roll off my back. My best advice Is to keep doing what you're doing and hopefully through hard work and merit you will win the race.
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