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Napoli Tomato’s are good ....
Napoli is a great company ...
Where are you located?

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Originally Posted by FSVeteran

For the first time in my 25 years of Foodservice Experience, I saw another product match Stanislaus last week in a cutting.  The product was Escalon.

Escalon brand is owned by Heinz. A very good product and also pays the distributor earned income which Stanislaus does not unless you are a national chain. Most broad liners will keep Stanislaus products in the back of the book as to not dilute down the house brand sales. It's a dead net item for the distributor.

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Hi Red Sauce

So there are some questions I have, so is this for your pasta sauce or pizza sauce? What type of tomato item are you using? Is it crushed tomatoes, plum tomatoes you are crushing, and maybe your mixing that with a concentrated tomato product?

As for pricing, maybe that particular distributor does not receive the Stanislaus by rail car, if not they will be higher.

The sales person is going to be able to make more on the other brand, I am 95% sure of that. And it’s ok for sales people to make money, there is nothing wrong with that, that’s one of the reasons we’re here, and we have families and bills too, though everyone thinks we can give it all away at cost. Hopefully you have a sales person that is fair, makes a living and doesn’t gouge you, and with multiple locations I doubt they could. You have to be pretty savvy to be so successful, so I would say just make sure the product change is right for you.

So my bigger question is did your do a yield test? If your saving a few bucks on the case at face value and then your getting a tomato product with less tomato solids and more water, you may be not doing justice to yourself in the long run. Ultimately if your happy and your customers are then that is the goal.

So Stanislaus is the Cadillac in the industry, I have found the difference being is consistency. When you pack produce from one place and at one interval then the last can is as good as the first. There are other tomato packers that can multiple times a year from different regions. When you do this your consistently is questioned. Also some tomato products, the companies pack paste in with. Paste is inexpensive. You have 6 stores and that is quite an accomplishment, I would want to make sure things stay as consistent as possible. No one wants to eat in one of your stores and then go to another and it’s totally different, and I would say the same with sauce.

If your looking at a California tomato, in my opinion Stanislaus is the best but at the end of the day you are the one that needs to be happy.


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 If you've been a customer for 15 years your rep should approach Stanislaus for a deviation to keep the price in line for you. Don't let them be lazy, a deviation is pretty basic for them to get for you. Also see if Stanislaus would offer incentives for a menu mention. For the right volume they will do a lot to keep the business.
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