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I'm sure this topic has been discussed here already, but looking for honest critique, not a "Sysco" bashing.

-Higher base salary - locked in, but can increase yearly based on manager review - 2-10%.
-Bonus potential based on tiers - determined by initial route size.
-Bonus is based on two categories determined by corporate and your performance within those categories each period.

My thoughts are it takes away the sales person's control of their compensation.
-Raise is manager's discretion.  Only avenue to raise salary.
-Bonus categories are determined by corporate.
-Inherited, gained business no mater size only allows you to increase potential to bonus, or move tiers, no other increased compensation.  Basically, you gain/inherit business, but if your performance doesn't fit that period's bonus category your compensation isn't increased.

To those "veteran's" am I missing something?  The higher base salary is a definite plus, especially in this climate.  Outside of that I'm not seeing the advantages.


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I don't believe your direct manager will have all that much power to raise your base salary. When getting your CMP It'll be a percentage of bonuses hit and goals that will be a cut and dry "this is were you fell this year." I feel you're right that your ability to control your compensation is going away from the salesperson. Your compensation will more heavily rely on what you're told to do. I know some people really got the short straw taking on millions in new buisness with the layoffs but that did not get taken into consideration and they still fell into Tier 1 and Tier 2 which have salary caps and only 20-30% bonus potential. From what I gather these Tiers were based solely on the actual APGP$'s under your accounts in your territory before the layoffs. 1 million APGP$'s was the way to get into tier 4.

Now that they took away certain weekly reports it's hard to tell how this new program will stack against the old. I however am not a fan of the bonus criteria coming out less than a week before the period begins so there is very little time to prepare for it. Being in the upper tiers that can be 50-60% of my salary for the year. My base is 65% of what I made last year

With online ordering the focus, they just revealing less administrative work for us and a true online pricing system rolling out before the new year maybe it will be worth it as GP will drop and that was how we're paid. If you can get to 6-7 million in sales you'll make decent money. You are right there I do not see advantages either


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Lots changed since I was there years ago! Wow!
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