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 How many Sysco MA's came off the "polls" and into the field?
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When it comes to professionalism all 'bets' are off with a good chunk of the folks at Sysco Las Vegas. From the top of the chain down (oh wait they're all at the bottom as far as I can see), the 'don't FUC* with me, I'm better than you' mentality shines through the teeth of many here in Vegas regardless of their uneducated, ill-salaried positions.  

Lets first discuss AR (for purposes of this fine site, we'll give the poor bastard the joy of his name not being plastered all over the place).  AR is a pompous, midget sized, over weight jack ass who's mommy and daddy gave him enough money to never work a day in the field. From an office where only 'the good looking women' may spend quality time, AR hands out orders as if he's actually important. But perhaps, the social awkwardness of this- lets call him a human, for the sake of this thread, is simply defined by his receding hairline and inability to socialize normally with women.  

Then lets move to some of the elite MA's here at the opco.  We'll direct your attention to one of the best, also known as Ms. Piggy because, yes she looks like Ms. Piggy and yes her antics are nearly identical to those of a Muppet's character who can only be controlled by a Pinnochio-like string (yea I know Pinnochio comes from Disney but you get the point here too).  They say the experience and education behind a woman or man usually pushes them to the top but as it appears so clearly that nasty butter face and jacked up nose are perhaps only good for securing her lips around....well you get the picture.  

If sales goals were met strictly by certain abilities that are better judged under the sheets, then yes of course a few MA's (one listed above) should have high sales potential...but what is sales potential if the only abilities by said MA's is taking orders like the uneducated folk running the McDonalds drive-thru.  

Next topic:
for MA's who really don't give a fuc% about whether you actually make sales but just want to insure that their mouths are filled with enough C#$K to put on another unsatisfied future customer. 

While MA's are taking orders, it is often requested that manufacturers, brokers or sales reps bring cases (not just single pieces) to prospect accounts so that the MA's can bask in the glory of how much free shi@ they can pawn off to Chef's who ultimately just want a hand out and don't give a crap what free product(s) they receive.  

Some reps think it's ok to request samples for personal use due to the fact they can't afford basic groceries based on their current salaries...sure it's understood but why not go stand in line with the rest of the peasants who can't afford a simple meal.  

Educating the Uneducated:

If I could turn back time I'd go back to college to obtain a degree in pre-K or elementary education...speaking to a typical MA at the Las Vegas OpCo is comparable to communicating in sign language to a blind person....doesn't make sense does it?  Well take that brief thought and apply it to a verbal conversation...this is what speaking with an MA is just don't get anywhere but there is one 'sign' that they recognize as universal...."Free samples"  - - see above reference for further info

Speaking of educating the uneducated, once anyone gets past simple greetings (hello, good bye, good morning or good afternoon), any further communication with your MA is just plain blasphemy in their eyes.


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Wow, well written and I can tell YOU some stories going back to 2007 at the Vegas OPCO that would curl your toes...and not in a good way. (:

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I think every Sysco Opco and US Division has people like you described. There is no shortage of a**kissers and sycophants willing to step over more ethical (yes, there are a few) colleagues to make a sale. I've heard of female reps doing their routes on their backs. MAs and TMs willing to "rebate" a chef to get them to toss out the competition.

This goes along with Sysco's and USF 's willingness to write multi-thousand dollar checks to get the business away from the other. The losing rep all-of-a-sudden has to find out how he's going to replace $20,000 or more in weekly sales. The winning rep gets a big bump in cases, but not necessarily a big boost in pay.

This is a far cry from when I started in this business 40 years ago. There were a few bad apples, but they were quickly discovered and shown the door. 

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It’s about the same here in Arkansas

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ordertakerby trade: you should probably look for another line of work, or go to work for the competition. Being that unhappy with your surroundings is not conducive to your long-term health. I suspect the problem with today's TMs (or MAs) is the same problem employers in other industries are finding:  poor vocabularies, inability to talk in complete sentences, lack of work ethic (which in food service is a grind), low enthusiasm for actual WORK, real lack of understanding about personal accountability, evaporate easily when the going gets hard, etc. 

I've been out of the industry for 10 years now, but I worked in the US Food - Las Vegas division back when. I don't care for the direction CDR-KKR took them, but I know there's good people over there and the "institutional arrogance" that Sysco is known for, likely doesn't exist over there. It didn't when I was there, but then, I'm a dinosaur now. 

I wish you service is a tough industry, but if you can sell successfully there, you can probably sell anything, anywhere, with some training/indoctrination!
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