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The simple facts are that all across, what was Sysco land, that they are getting rid of seasoned MA's. Good people that were having sales gains, even in this market, are being targeted for dismissal.

This is really looking like age discrimination. Yes Sysco has VERY deep pockets,and could destroy an individual in months. I'm talking a class action suit. Strength in numbers is our advantage, not to mention the simlpe fact is that, they will be dealing with state goverments, I don't think they want to do that. Do you?

$$$$ need I say more.

Anyone that was an MA and feels they may have a case, please respond.


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You sir, are a frustrated and delusional man.  You have no case.  None.  There is no, I repeat no, guarantee of employment at any food distributorship. I'll repeat the brutal fact that I stated before.  when you took your job they guaranteed your commission (your pay) at whatever percentage you are paid based on the sales and gross profit that you generate.  There may be other parameters and spiffs, etc.  But, at the end of your pay period, when you get a check, you're even.  You don't owe them and they don't owe you.

How many times does an MA just quit when he/she decides the job is not right for them?  Does Sysco then complain and say "that's unfair, we invested a lot in you.  Maybe we should sue."?

Grow up! Stop your whiny ass bitching and get to work or find another job.

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Good advise BS.


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You are wasting your breath Smithers. There are at least 8 other threads here that begin the same way "Oh poor me..been with XYZ Food Service for 20+ years.... blah blah should take care of their veterans...blah blah blah"

the painful truth, is that the Fat, Dumb and Happy days are OVER. Time to actually WORK for your company and your money. The days of rolling your lazy ass out of bed at 9:00 AM and then teeing off at 1:00 PM while your inside rep placed all your orders for you will not cut it anymore.

This B.S. was put up with for a while due to the perceived value you brought to the company. Trust me, EVERY management team out there knows the patterns of each of their sales people.

It is a lot like reaching in the candy jar every day for 20 years in front of mom, only to get slapped now that times are tough.

Deal with the changes or become a greeter at Walmart.

"Don't worry about temptation ....... as you grow older, it starts avoiding you"
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