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On the investors call this morning with US Foods Pietro brought light to several subjects.
Sales in independent restaurants continue to be key to future growth as they will continue to renegotiate contracts on the national side of the business or end those contracts deemed not profitable.

He emphasized the continued practice to place existing street accounts with TM's who best display the ability to manage accounts, grow lines, adopt cookbook pricing, exceed goals on customer on line ordering, place scoop items and sell the value added programs. Therefor the purge in the TM ranks will continue as  US hones its sales force to lead the competition as the industry continues to change.

Centralized purchasing should be complete by end of Q1 2018

Transportation cost and freight costs will be the big question in 2018 as to how much it will effect profitability, expect tighter controls on delivery to customers both in frequency and drop size.

No major acquisitions are in the pipeline for 2018 although he did leave the door open.

The original investor group have completely been bought out and the company is now 100% public


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Well, isn't that something.

Substitute "Points-of-Focus" for "Scoop and Cookbook pricing", and that spiel could have been given by Jim Miller.......


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The private equity guys extract one last payment from the company $276 million for 10 million shares which will be retired and which will bump the remaining 214 million shares by about 4.7%. 

KKR and company exit with a $1.1 billion payout, they indebted the company by $5 billion and took hefty dividend payments throughout their tenure. 
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