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Greg Everts is running Denver into the ground with his lack of experience and understanding of how distribution works. When he shows up, that is. How did he get this job? He tells anyone who will listen that he knows all the bigwigs. If they put him in as president then they should be fired too. How is he qualified for the president role?

He is protecting his boy Jeff Weber who has his head in his ass around Operations. Poor Jeff can’t manage to function without help since his Director of Ops left. Jeff came from Detroit — did he run them into the ground before he left? Time for a change. Get Everts and Weber our so Denver can get back to winning. Pull Patterson out of retirement and get him back fast.

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I would imagine that your Pres is hand picked and is exactly who Rosemont wants leading the new USF into the future... while USF is focused on being perfectly PC, the competition is taking cases to the bank, well do not feel too bad , Sysco is almost as bad off as USF, except they are not loosing cases as bad.. they can at least get the deliveries out the door on time , mostly ...

Shareholders seem to be asleep at both big companies...  great news for the privately owned!!

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US Foods has forgotten that they are in the food distribution business, and that people buy from people. Many customers are going to leave as USF changes into a specialty marketing company. Not everyone wants Scoop or Value Added Services. Customers want complete, on-time deliveries at reasonable prices.

Local independents will continue to take cases from USF and Sysco as they get further and further from what customers want. Both USF and Sysco are reducing sales headcount and forcing customers to order online. Meanwhile, local distributors have reps visiting customers, showing specials and new items. 

USF TMs and Sysco MAs should update their resumes and start talking to independents in their areas. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised at the absence of micromanagement and the chance to actually be a sales rep again.
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