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philly mob

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Farmer Bill Speed can now get his own farmer's market on high hill road. His deals of the day will be Yogurt and Pumpkin pies from his last screw up.  So make Bill and offer and help him get rid of his overstocks (screw ups).  Billy you should volunteer to leave to help save USF.
You are a total disaster to the sales team and those who work with you.

Now lets get a warm hello to Ernie. Now this is a Guy who has had his nose up Ky's ass for too long. Ernie we are all aware how you arrive early and depart late on the days that Ky comes to Bridgeport. You folks need to stay 6 feet behind Ernie in case Ky stops quickly and Ernie gets his nose jammed up Ky's ass. That would be a horrible event for anyone to see.

Its time to say good bye to many of you as tomorrow is the days 1/3 of us evaporate and lose our jobs. As always once you are gone from USF you do not exist anymore to those still at this hell hole.

Stay tune as tomorrow we will bring to you Philly loser of the day!

Please feel free to nominate your loser of the day.


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Another fun day at USF where the only people who matter are in the front office.
Baba OReilly

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I nominate you Philly Mob.

Your fat, white, pasty, dead-weight ass is the definition of uselessness.

Name one thing that makes you anything but completely replaceable?

Instead of using what's been provided to you to grow your business you waste time bitching and moaning about how oppressed you are and how good things used to be in the OLD days, blah blah blah.

When the dust clears, how will you prove your value, like the rest of us need to do?

Unlike reps at other distributors, you're still being paid to do jack s**t.

Don't F this up. Use this time wisely to get your act together and figure out a way to appear like less of a sour, jaded, past-his-prime hack.
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