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I feel sorry for many of the USF Philly sales reps. They are trapped in a job that most of them have become very unhappy in their job role. They are surrounded by a management team who is under pressure to get more out of each of them.  The buyers have assumed the role of I have no control and sell what we have.

Its a hard place to work. The reality of it is that many reps have no faith in them selves to make a move.
USF has degraded you to a point that you feel insecure and worry about your future.
Most of you will make less money each year until they get rid of you. Sure its hard to start over and wait the year for your Non Compete to expire, however you must think about how miserable most of you are. Many of your have 10 plus years of misery ahead.

So  here are you choice

1. Find a company who values your work
2. Stay miserable and ride it out even if it kills you and your family
3. Consider a Union sales force drive
4. find a new career


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I think that many TMs across the country feel this way. The change from commission to salary plus bonuses has a lot to do with it. Add in having to update Salesforce hourly and unrealistic management expectations, and youhave a recipe for disaster.

I've heard from 
my old friends at my old division that many younger reps have left for other companies. The older reps (30 years +) are just biding their time until they can retire. 

An independent distributor is the way to go if you really like foodservice sales. It's where I got my start many years ago. Unfortunately, Sysco, USF and PFG are gobbling them up just to get them out of the way.

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That's why I went to work for an independent. The day I left US Foods, I felt like I had been released from prison. The management at my division was terrible. I had never been under so much stress at a job in my life, as I was during my time there. The management was never happy with anything and always thought you could be doing more. Many good reps lived in constant fear of being terminated and It's pretty bad when you wake up in the morning already wishing your day was over. My stress started to manifest into real health problems and that's when I knew I had to leave. I wasn't going to sacrifice myself or my family for a company that could really care less about me - and would replace me without missing a beat. That's when I decided to go to work for an independent and my life has been 180゚ different.
I'm doing well financially and there is very limited stress and a lot more autonomy. My company is truly like a family. The leadership actually cares about its staff members for who they are. No, it's not a perfect company - we are small and don't have the technology, product mix and trans department to be a true competitor with the big boys - but we do offer that personal touch and a Mom and Pop appeal that customers miss and appreciate. Also less reps in the district to compete against - so more opportunities with new accounts. I agree, if you like this business and want to continue in it - I would consider making a change and moving to an independent.

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Winenot, I'm sure a lot of US reps have their resumes out. They killed any enthusiasm I had for being a foodservice sales rep. I was going through the motions just to make it through the day.

When I started in this business, the main reason you wanted to get on commission is that management left you alone. As long as you were growing, everything was fine. My managers were there if I needed them to close a deal or solve a problem. 

I hope your new company isn't on anybody's radar. 

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Start looking for something else. Unemployment is low so people are hiring. I get calls from the competition on the regular. I've seen unionized sales forces before in other industries, don't know if that makes things better or not.
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